Building & Infra

MULTI provides engineering services to companies that are active within building and infrastructure projects.

We create added value for our clients by proposing the best engineering solution for their needs. This allows our customers to realise their strategic goals in an economical manner.

We distinguish 4 groups:

developers/owners of property, such as contractors, suppliers and architects/advisers can call upon our services.

Our customers are active both in residential housing and utility building; we have worked on offices, care facilities, schools, bridges and roads, civil and infrastructure projects.

Every customer has their specific needs with which we can harmonise our services.



MULTI will get to know its customers and then offer a solution that is customised to your situation.

Once that we have understood your issue correctly, we will guide you to a solution that is tailor-made for your situation.

Our solution will include:

  • project sourcing, involving one or more of our project experts working at your location
  • design- and engineering office: when you hand over (part of) your project so that we can work on it at our location
  • consultancy, when we will provide you with well-founded advice regarding your engineering project
  • (CAD) training, when we will provide individual or group training on the use or management of CAD systems
  • new services, MULTI constantly monitors developments in the Maritime & Offshore market and aims to adapt its services accordingly. Do you have a particular need or a slightly crazy idea? MULTI is the partner that can offer an answer.



MULTI provides services for every engineering aspect of your projects.

The definition of engineering that we apply is as follows:

“For MULTI, engineering is the creative and boundless application of our technical know-how, our accumulated experience and the existing scientific knowledge in order to design, develop, realise, operate and maintain tools, machinery, structures, systems and processes. We do so by constantly seeking the most efficient balance, both now and in the future, between the interests of our customers, our employees and the society around us; safety, reliability and a sense of responsibility are the essential values herein.”


Life cycle

Engineering Services for the entire life cycle of your buildings or infrastructural assets

We define the life cycle as follows for our building and infrastructure department:


For each of these phases, we can offer a suitable solution: tasks or roles that we can take on include:

INITIATION: determining start budgets and basic plans, feasibility studies, site acquisition,...
DESIGN: draft, basic and detailed design
TENDERING: creating specifications and lists of details/dimensions, initiation of procurement processes, technical buyers, expediters, contract management, EMVI plans,…
REALISATION: project & site management, site supervision, construction management, safety coordination, inspections,…
USE: facility management, optimisation of energy use, due diligence for existing buildings, as-built plans
DEMOLITION: feasibility studies, inventory, risk-analysis,…



Within the building and infrastructure sector, we have focussed our development on various disciplines:

Architecture: basic construction and finish

Stability: both concrete and steel

(Installation) techniques: HVAC, sanitary, electricity, fire safety, …

Infrastructure: bridges, railways, locks, quay walls, civil works

Project management: providing additional services to the principal in all project phases

We will find the most suitable solution for your project.



A picture says more than a thousand words

Many companies from the building and infrastructure sector have called upon MULTI in the past.
We have carried out projects at the customers’ locations and worked on studies at our own offices.
We have completed projects that have lasted 4 hours and others that have taken 30,000 hours.
We have taken on projects with ongoing costs and have taken on projects for a fixed price.
We have worked according to the contracting party’s methodology and have worked according to our own methods.

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