The success of MULTI is based on carefully accumulated expertise:

In the first instance, we need this expertise to be able to effectively understand your situation, secondly, it is vital in order to ensure that every project is completed successfully.

Our vision with regard to expertise rests on 3 domains

  • absolute focus on engineering
  • offering services across the entire life cycle
  • developing competencies within diverse disciplines



For MULTI, engineering is the creative and boundless application of our technical know-how, our accumulated experience and the existing scientific knowledge in order to design, develop, realise, operate and maintain tools, machinery, structures, systems and processes. We do so by constantly seeking the most efficient balance, both now and in the future, between the interests of our customers, our employees and the society around us; safety, reliability and a sense of responsibility are the essential values herein.

  • Translated as “Engineers Council for Professional Development” (ECPD, the forerunner to ABET)

As you can see, engineering is not limited to just designing new constructions or machinery; it is a wide-ranging activity and, within our focus area, we can also offer a broad gamut of Engineering Services.


Life cycle

Engineering Services over the entire product life cycle of your assets

You can call upon MULTI in any phase of your project as we have the relevant in-house expertise for every period of the life cycle.

We typically distinguish the following phases:


The terminology may differ per sector but the concept applies across the board.

The term ‘product life cycle’ often refers to the entirety of the phases; when the term ‘project life cycle
is used, it usually refers to design, procurement and construction.


A tender is a procedure whereby a registration process is used to obtain a particular service or product that is granted or provided on the basis of factor-based weighting. These factors are often price and/or quality.

This phase encompasses:

  • Research and Development
  • Drawing up specifications


The elaboration of specifications for an object so that it can be produced.

  • Draft Design
  • Basic Design
  • Detailed Design


Procurement is the entire process of acquiring or purchasing goods and services.

The corresponding procedure involves preparation and the integration of the issue into processes, as well as receipt, approval and payment.

The following activities form part of the procurement process:

(1) purchase planning
(2) standardisation
(3) elaborating specification
(4) researching and selecting suppliers
(5) value analysis
(6) financing
(7) price negotiations
(8) purchasing
(9) contract management and administration
(10) stock management and storage space and
(11) management of over-stocks and waste


The life cycle ‘Construction’ relates to building installations. Important elements in this phase are:

  • construction management
  • planning
  • safety
  • quality control
  • inspection

Operations & maintenance

O&M life cycle concerns the use and maintenance of constructions, machines and installations. Many engineering activities take place during the use of installations, e.g. re-engineering with an eye on productivity improvement and preventative maintenance. For certain installations, major servicing or revisions must be carried out on a regular basis. In this case, the engineering aim is to disrupt the production process for as short a period as possible.

We then talk in terms of Turn Around management and Shut Down management.


The dismantling or removal of an installation with a focus on safety, the environment and without excessive intervention in ongoing production processes.



MULTI develops competencies within various disciplines.

MULTI develops competencies within various disciplines.
In order to provide direction to the development of our employees, we organise our expertise around a range of disciplines:
In general, there are employees who specialise in constructive design, while others may opt for mechanical engineering and others who prefer project management in the broadest sense.

You can find out more per business unit:

building and infrastructure
maritime andoffshore

Within each of these disciplines, we can offer further depth; for some services, we have a competence centre in-house, for other disciplines we have an extended network that we can engage rapidly.

And this is all with the aim of offering you the most suitable solution for your situation.


MULTI has the following certificates



Certificaat Kwaliteitslabel Certified Member Projectsourcing


NEN 4400-1

NEN 4400-1 + ISO
VCA: Safety and Health Checklist
NEN 4400-1: a national standard that sets requirements for outsourcers and (sub)contractors in the Netherlands
ISO: an international seal of approval for quality

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