MULTI enables customers to be successful

That is why we provide customised engineering services.

That is why we use skilled engineers and take care of their further development.


​What MULTI stands for

1 engineering family: Experts, service team and customers are like family, we are all different but still belong together, and even more, we cannot exist without each other

TOP employer: MULTI engineering is able to attract strong engineers as an employer or client.

The customer is key: Customers and Experts are working together on sensational projects


​The environment in which MULTI works

Multi believes in a strong economic future for Europe.

This healthy economy is the foundation for our society’s prosperity.

Three central challenges correspond to this foundation:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship form the ‘engine’ of sustainable economic growth whereby specialisation will become increasingly important.
  • Productivity improvements within the Business-to-Business market will facilitate this sustainable economic growth.
  • Within a cooperative commercial culture, and a continuously changing environment, motivated employees must be offered continuous learning opportunities and be able to determine their own careers.

Top quality engineering will play a prominent role in realising these challenges.


Our place in this environment

MULTI provides top quality engineering services that are tailor-made to our customers.

As a result, the customers are better able to realise their core goals, we can create sustainable added value for our shareholders and can offer our employees a dynamic working environment with compelling career opportunities and fields of interest.

We can realise this:

  • on the basis of many years of engineering tradition;
  • on the basis of thorough know-how and extensive expertise;
  • by actively accumulating knowledge and exchanging this with project specialists and customers;
  • by focusing on long-term relationships with customers in Europe.


How we work

Within MULTI, we prioritise the following values:

  • The family nature of the company is reflected in our company culture
  • Our primary driver as an organisation is our customers. We continuously strive towards providing the best possible solutions for our customers, in our capacity as a reliable and flexible partner.
  • These solutions for our customers’ technical issues are tailor-made with a focus on sustainability, ergonomics and innovation.

We see engineering in the broadest possible sense, as the motor for building the future.

We believe it is important that our employees enjoy their work and are eager to assist our customers. We aim to provide them with a stable working environment.

Our key words are: customer-driven,
solution-focussed, flexible, rapid response, pleasure, enthusiasm,
sustainability, ergonomics, innovation, continuity.


Our story

Multiple successes combine to form one big success story.

MULTI was founded in January 1996 by Etienne Van Goeye. After gaining extensive experience as a shipping engineer and engineering department manager for various Belgian shipyards, he decided to start up his own project and research agency. His sons Wouter and Nicolas came to work for the company in 1998 and 2002 respectively.

Multi grew quickly and, between 2002 and 2010, we were awarded a Trends Gazelle (a prize for the strongest growing companies in Flanders) seven times. From our first office on Frankrijklei in the center of Antwerp, we had to move to larger locations several times until, eventually, we moved to completely new and contemporary premises on De Zaat in Temse.

In 2000, we began Pharos Engineering in Vlissingen (NL). Together with the local directors, we expanded this enterprise into a second research agency and a secondment center focusing on the Schelde-Delta in the Netherlands.

In 2005 Force Company was set up in Vught (NL); this company specialises in the secondment of procurement experts and, from its position outside the MULTI group, Force Company achieved great results.

In 2011, we founded our third research agency Polaris as an internal supplier, but also to serve our eastern customers; it also takes care of providing professional experts for projects in the Low Countries.

In 2012, we integrated Force Company into the MULTI group. In collaboration with the MULTI group, the company’s growth accelerated rapidly.

As of the end of 2014, we have been operating as one group, under the MULTI flag. Since then, all of the branches have worked under the same name and towards the same goals while not losing sight of the different technical disciplines and markets.

In november 2015 MULTI took over Project Profession Engineering Support. as a result MULTI reinforced its market position in the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

MULTI Engineering Group took over the Engineering Office Fraeye & Partners in April 2016. In doing so MULTI has reinforced its range of services in Building & Infra by adding an engineering stability office with a long tradition.

In 2017 we founded a new joint venture. The new company was named Maridea and is a partnership between MULTI Engineering Group and Jeroen Lusthof and Paul Groote Woortman.

We intend to continue growing and, while focusing on engineering in the broadest possible sense,will concentrate on further organic growth on the basis of existing activities, on the one hand, and look forward to other expansion opportunities that complement our existing services, on the other.

Facts & Figures

A visual representation of our core figures



MULTI has the following certificates



Certificaat Kwaliteitslabel Certified Member Projectsourcing


NEN 4400-1

NEN 4400-1 + ISO
VCA: Safety and Health Checklist
NEN 4400-1: a national standard that sets requirements for outsourcers and (sub)contractors in the Netherlands
ISO: an international seal of approval for quality

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