Maritime & Offshore

MULTI delivers engineering services to companies that are active in the maritime and offshore sectors

We create added value for our clients by proposing the best engineering solution for their needs. This allows our customers to realise their strategic goals in an economical manner.

We distinguish 4 groups of customers:

Asset Owners, Contractors, Engineers & consultancies and suppliers.

Our maritime customers are involved in shipbuilding, ship repair and maintenance, exploitation, refurbishment or even decommissioning.

Types of ship vary from offshore support vessels, through installation ships, mega-yachts, dredgers, tug boats, inland waterway transport vessels, jack-ups, barges, crane ships and general cargo ships, to multi purpose ships and more.

Our offshore customers are involved in the design, construction, transport, lift and installation, maintenance, refurbishment and even decommissioning of offshore structures, both above and below the waterline.
The assets concerned range from oil and gas rigs and wind farms to FPSOs, subsea installations and more.



MULTI will get to know its customers and then offer a solution that is customised to your situation.

Once that we have understood your issue correctly, we will guide you to a solution that is tailor-made for your situation.

Our solution will include:

  • project sourcing, involving one or more of our project experts working at your location
  • engineering office: when you hand over (part of) your project so that we can work on it at our location
  • consultancy, when we will provide you with well-founded advice regarding your engineering project
  • (CAD) training, when we will provide individual or group training on the use or management of CAD systems
  • new services, MULTI constantly monitors developments in the Maritime & Offshore market and aims to adapt its services accordingly. Do you have a particular need or a slightly crazy idea? MULTI is the partner that can offer an answer.


Focus on engineering

MULTI provides services for every engineering aspect of your projects.

The definition of engineering that we apply is as follows:

“For MULTI, engineering is the creative and boundless application of our technical know-how, our accumulated experience and the existing scientific knowledge in order to design, develop, realise, operate and maintain tools, machinery, structures, systems and processes. We do so by constantly seeking the most efficient balance, both now and in the future, between the interests of our customers, our employees and the society around us; safety, reliability and a sense of responsibility are the essential values herein.”


Life cycle

Engineering Services over the entire product life cycle of your maritime or offshore assets

You can call upon MULTI in any phase of your project as we have the relevant in-house expertise for every period of the life cycle.

Within Maritime and Offshore, we distinguish the following phases:


We can take on the following roles or tasks for you:

TENDER: feasibility studies, technical outline spec, pre-contract concept design for systems,installations or ships, technical support during contract negotiations and formation
DESIGN: draft, basic and detailed design for a broad range of ship types and offshore structures
PROCUREMENT: project procurement management, technical buyers, expediting, purchase manager,optimisation of procurement processes, planning and execution of inspections, RFQ/RFX
CONSTRUCTION: new-build supervisors, project managers, commissioning of systems or equipment, FAT, transport & installation, sea trials,…
SERVICE: processing guarantees, writing procedures, technical superintendents, technical inspections, nautical superintendents, budget determination, refurbishment projects,…
DECOMMISSIONING: pre-decommissioning of feasibility studies, risk-analyses, supervision and project management,…



MULTI has developed competencies with respect to various disciplines:

Some of the disciplines that can be found in-house at MULTI or which, as a result of its network, are readily available are:

Naval Architecture

Motion Analysis
Rules and Regulations (of Classification, Port State and Flag State)
Intact and damaged stability

Piping & MechanicalStructural

Strength and stress calculations


Ship’s Operations

ship management
offshore transport & installations

Project Management



A picture says more than a thousand words

Many companies from the maritime and offshore sector have called upon MULTI in the past.
We have carried out projects at the customers’ locations and worked on studies at our own offices.
We have completed projects that have lasted 4 hours and others that have taken 30,000 hours.
We have taken on projects with ongoing costs and have taken on projects for a fixed price.
We have worked according to the contracting party’s methodology and have worked according to our own methods.

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