Best Value and co-makership

Oceanco & Multi: Best Value and co-makership to build the owners’ perfect yacht

More than one year ago Multi Engineering has been invited by one of our major customers Oceanco to participate in a new approach to project tendering ànd execution: #BestValue. I have to admit it took quite some changes in mindset and lots of effort to dive into and deal with this challenge. Best Value stands for a tender approach not only focusing on price, but also on other key factors like risk minimization, maximization of the use of subcontractors as ‘experts’, performance monitoring, substantiated capability claims and added valuesoffered. The BV process typically consists of four phases:

1) Preparation and quotation,

2) Evaluation,

3) Clarification and

4) Execution.


This means that our initial quotation was only just the start of an intensive and interactive process aiming to develop a Project Execution Plan (#PEP) and a contractual agreement prior to the actual contract assignment of our principals with their end client.

One of the new things to Multi Engineering was the fact that we were not only expected to describe our project capabilities qualitatively, but we also had to substantiate them with dominant information and indisputable proof. We were pretty confident in the quality of our #engineering work, but it took some research in order to proof our claims with hard figures. Another extremely interesting change in approach was that we were invited and stimulated to get rid of the typical walls that separate our contract with the client from other awarded subcontractors. We were positioned by our customer as true expert in our domain and were encouraged to take our full responsibility not only to deliver quality of our own, but to cooperate intensively with all other subcontractors and deal with e.g. demarcation issues pro-actively. That is what #Co-Makership is about and we did decide to go all the way.

Meanwhile we have learned a lot from discussing and dealing with all project stakeholders and we have gained tremendous understanding and respect amongst each other, allowing our customer to build the owners perfect yacht!

If you would be interested to learn more about Best Value approach, please check out the literature by the originator of Best Value: Dean Kashiwagi. If you want to learn more on how Multi Engineering did handle BV for this particular case, please let me know via:

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