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Blue Line Logistics




Project description

Blue Line Logistics has developed a concept to shift the transportation of palletized goods to a maximum extent to the European inland waterways by means of an innovative and disruptive new approach. Their model aims to resolve the current massive logistical problems we all experience daily being stuck in traffic jams on the European roads.

Blue Line Logistics is already operating two Pallet Shuttle Barges (Zulu 01 and 02), version 1.0. These are flat-top twin-hull vessels of 50.0 x 6.6 m. They intended to further develop the existing design to the Pallet Shuttle Barge version 2.0 (PSB 2.0), based on a mono-hull and a deck cargo cover.

Role of MULTI

MULTI was invited to develop the PSB 2.0 Concept, Basic and Detail design.

Additionally to this core design and engineering scope, we assist our customer technically during the tender process including the qualitative selection of suitable shipyards. As a first step we intensively collaborated with Blue Line to draft the new concept.In a second follow-up project, we have prepared the basic design and have nearly completed the detail design.

Specific requirements

The hull shape was developed in an iterative design cycle to find the optimum between a maximum cargo capacity, safe stability results, maximum cruising speed and an acceptable building price. The propulsion line was modified to achieve a better maneuverability and an improved reliability. The possibility to change to alternative energy sources in the future was also incorporated. An automated ballast system ensures that the ship is constantly even keel during the on- and offloading process.



Tender, Design

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