Jan De Nul




MULTI Engineering has been requested by the Jan De Nul group to prepare a LOTO manual for a number of ships in her fleet. LOTO stands for Lock-out / Tag-out, and such a LOTO manual ensures the marine crews to carry out maintenance works on board safely with a minimum on board systems to be offline.

Initially an analysis is being made to identify all possible hazards. For each hazard case it is investigated how to handle this situation in the best and safest way and how all risks can be managed. This can be achieved e.g. by isolating the relevant individual components or parts of a system, by disconnecting the primary sources of energy,... This analysis leads to clear and detailed instructions for which breakers are to be opened, shut-off valves to be closed or opened, the remaining energy to be absorbed,... Also all affected breakers, valves, lockers, push buttons,... are to be fixed and locked in their safe position and a tag is being attached indicating who will perform what type of work.

Our MULTI Engineering colleague Peter Paul has first been writing all procedures at the principals’ office after investigating and reviewing the relevant board systems. Afterwards the prepared procedures and instructions are being double-checked on site: where is everything and which LOTO tools are needed to lock fuses, valves, ... For this final check, a visit to every ship was required.

Peter Paul’s experience with engine room operations enabled him to properly assess the hazards and define the appropriate actions. Additionally all procedures are being discussed in full detail with the marine crews of the ship concerned. This ensures that the manual is close to the routines that are common on board.


Engine room operations, Safety Management


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