General info

  • Client: Barkmeijer Shipyards
  • Period: 2007 - 2010


Barkmeijer has built ships for over 165 years and is one of the oldest existing shipyards in the Netherlands.
UK Dredging has awarded Barkmeijer the newbuilding of a THSD vessel of 2300 m³. Its main dimensions are 75.00 x 15.58 x 6.35 m, with a design speed of 12 kn.

The ship has two azimuth propellers, allowing dredging operations with currents up to 7kn, wind speeds up to 20m/s, and wave heights up to 3 m.

The complete propulsion is diesel-electrical, allowing maximum flexibility and maneuverability.

The ship has two dredging suction pipes with a diameter of 700mm. She has been designed specifically for the maintenance dredging works in ports, waterways and at sea.

Our scope has made the basic design, all class steel drawings and the detail design including section drawings and production info.